Furmeet Japanse tuin Hasselt

In a few weeks, on Saturday the 16th of April, there’s a cosplay festival in the “Japanse tuin” in Hasselt. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet up and have fun in a unique environment, especially for the fursuiters amongst us. With a bit of luck, we can even see some blossoms!


Who are we?

Welcome to the BEfurs website!

The BEfurs website is a platform for all Belgian furries, both Flemish and Wallonian (and everyone else of course), and is created with three main goals in mind:

First of all, it’s meant to provide accurate information about future furmeets and to centralize the registration for those. But also to give an opportunity for other furries to organise their own meet on our platform. An archive of past meets can be found here as well.

We also aim to provide detailed and correct information about what furries are exactly. Here in Belgium, very little is known to the public about the furry fandom, and we want to help explain these things to create a better understanding.